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“ is the fastest growing dating site in the UK. Only two months after its launch the service grew to 117, 000 registered users –- now has over 300,000 registered users. Mamboo is enjoying success thanks to its simple, free registration, free open search and no credit card requirement.”

Quick Look

Feature Overview:
– Quick sign up
– Many free features
– Chat with users

Mamboo was created in Russia in 2004, and has since spread to Western Europe and the United States. The site offers many free features, and users both new and veteran to the online dating game should give the site a go. So, what do you get with Mamboo? The site is free, with profile addition options if you’d like to be at the top of search results, as well as a few other perks.

Mamboo’s initial sign-up process is very simple, requiring a name, sex, location, email, and birthdate. Past that, you’re asked to provide a few basic things like password, what you’re looking for, and uploading a photo if you so choose. If you’d like to add more to your profile, you have the option to reveal a bit more about yourself in the “self-portrait” section — what you’re interested in, education, favorite singer, etc.

Who are you?

The user profiles look a bit different than the average online dating profile as far as orientation on the web page, but contain much of the same information as the average online dating profile. You can view the user’s main photo, photo albums, basic info, their blog and more.

Matching vs. Search

When you sign up to Mamboo, you’re not required to fill out any match-type questions, and there really is no matching tech behind the scenes. The site is more driven toward searching for others on your own, but there are great tools to do so.



Search for people on Mamboo by the basics (age, location) or using the advanced search feature (marital status, appearance).

Search by the basics

Looking for something more specific?

You can also search for people you already know by using Mamboo’s contact search feature. Search via email!

Search your email contacts


Mamboo makes it easy to spot real life users by offering their Real service. Real users are just what they sound like: Living, real people! Many times it’s tough to spot a fake profile on dating websites, and that can lead to disaster. All you need is a mobile number to confirm a unique code, and you’ll be granted Real status. I think this is a great feature, but my only gripe is that there is no simple way to navigate to the Real section other than clicking on another user’s Real badge or when trying to create a blog –

Get real with Mamboo’s Real status


Another great feature is the blog or “diary” section in the Mamboo user profile. Express yourself and add a human element to your online dating profile by writing poetry or talking about your day.

Express yourself


If you’re planning on traveling, take advantage of Mamboo’s Fellow Travellers section. Another unique feature, post your travel announcement and search for traveling companions for a great adventure.

Find a traveling companion

Top 100

Have a bit of flirty fun by participating in Mamboo’s Top 100. Vote on which user’s photo you think is best! You can filter the photos by age and location, so the Top 100 makes for a fun way to scan through people you may be interested in. When you vote on someone’s photo, they receive a message that you did so, and that you may be interested in them. An great way to break the ice! I only wish you could skip some rounds so that you don’t have to send a message to everyone you click on.

Membership Rundown

As mentioned earlier, Mamboo is a free service with a few perks if you’d like to opt in that you can purchase with coins. Coins are purchased with either a credit card or PayPal. So, what do your coins get you? VIP status, a bump in the search results, featured photos and the ability to compliment others on their profile. Here’s what is included in the VIP status:

  • Ability to hide your presence on the site
  • Incoming messages filter
  • Personal profile design
  • Personal distribution of new profiles
  • Marking in search results
  • Further advanced search options


  • Many free features
  • Messaging
  • Photo albums
  • Advanced search options
  • Personal blog feature
  • No ads
  • Great message and inbox organization


  • Navigation at times too simple
  • No matching


If you decide to buy virtual coins, here are Mamboo’s going rates:

  • 5 coins: 5.09 €
  • 10 coins: 10.18 €
  • 15 coins: 15.27 €
  • 25 coins – bonus+1: 25.44 €
  • 50 coins – bonus+5: 50.89 €
  • 100 coins – bonus+10: 101.78 €
  • Raise your page rank: 1 coin
  • Photo feature: 1 coin
  • VIP: 5 coins
  • Profile compliment: 1-10 coins