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“Whether you’re simply looking to have a great time, seeking a serious relationship or are returning to the dating scene after some time away, Spark is the place for you. We’re here to help you meet wonderful people for wonderful relationships: romance, friendships and more. And however full your life is now, it’ll be even better once you’re tuned into this social scene. Spark is fun, laid-back and comfortable.”

Quick Look

Feature Overview:
– Unique personality test & matching system
– Secret Admirer feature
– eCards

Spark hasn’t been around as long as sites like eHarmony, but it is a well-rounded, high quality dating site. Spark’s interface is clean, easy-to-use, and the sign up process is simple. So, what do you get with Spark? The site is mostly free, with a subscription option if you’d like a full-featured experience.

Spark’s initial sign-up process took only a few minutes, requiring a username, password, email, and birthdate. Past that, you’re asked to provide a few basic things like what you’re interested in, your marital status, ethnicity, etc. Later on you have the option to complete your profile by adding photos and a bio.

Spark process

Spark’s sign-up process is quick and simple

It’s refreshing to see that at the end of set-up, Spark doesn’t “force” you into a subscription, but rather displays multiple options on how to continue.

Spark registration

What would you like to do next?

You’re required to upload a photo on Spark, and that’s a good thing! The photo uploading interface is clean and easy-to-use. Spark also recently revamped their profile image sizes, so you can view and upload huge pictures. The one issue I ran into was that when Spark made these changes, they required users to re-upload all of their photos in larger sizes to accomodate this change.

Spark photos

Uploading your photos is easy!

Spark’s home page is well-organized, with your matches, quick view, and Today’s Sparks easily accessible.

Spark home

Find everything you need right from the home page


It’s worth pointing out that although you choose a username during the set-up process, it doesn’t show up right away as it must be approved by Spark. So, you’re left with a string of numbers as a username until — if — yours is approved. Be prepared to see many usernames like “115892356.” I feel like this could possibly hinder your efforts to search for someone by username.


When you sign up to Spark, you’re not immediately required to fill out any type of in-depth matching information, but the site does have a very unique system. Once you have an account, you have the option to take Spark’s “Color Code” test. The test is based on your motives, instead of behaviors.

Spark color code

Spark’s Color Code Test

Spark color code

View user’s Color Code results, and what they mean



Search your matches on Spark by the basics (age, distance) or using the advanced search feature (appearance, location, etc.).

Spark quick search

Quickly search for matches on Spark

Spark search

Use Spark’s advanced search options for someone more specific

Spark’s keyword search is a very unique search feature. Simply type a few keywords related for what you’re looking for, and you’re off!

Spark keyword search

Try Spark’s keyword search

Secret Admirer

Go through lists of matches to mark which you’re interested in — yes, no or maybe. Spark’s Secret Admirer feature will anonymously find out if they’re interested in you, and will inform you if the feeling is mutual!

Spark's secret admirer

Are you interested?

Message Boards

Want to get involved with the community? Ask and answer questions in Spark’s message board section. You must be a paid member to participate in the message boards.

Spark message boards

Ask away!


Spark ecards

Send your match an eCard directly through Spark

Send someone an eCard from directly within Spark! Select from various categories — birthdays, romantic, pick-up lines, and more. As a free member you can send basic eCards, but with a subscription, you can send personalized eCards.

Today’s Sparks

Spark's Today's Sparks

Spark conversation with Today’s Sparks

Today’s Sparks is a fun feature where you get to answer interesting questions for any user to see. Your answers appear on both the Q & A tab in your profile, as well as underneath the question on the main Today’s Sparks page.

Membership Rundown

As mentioned earlier, you can opt to upgrade your Spark account, although it’s a mostly free service. As a paying subscriber, you can:

  • Member spotlight and highlighted profile (premium plan only)
  • Initiate email conversations
  • Connect with instant messaging
  • Know when emails and flirts were read
  • Enjoy full access to the message boards
  • Create customizable eCards


  • Free features
  • Compatibility test
  • Clean interface
  • Easy to spot online members


  • Must be a member to view/post on message boards
  • Too many icons — need the legend to decipher


  • 1 Month Membership: $24.99/mo
  • 3 Month Membership: $14.99/mo
  • 6 Month Membership: $11.99/mo
  • 6 Month Membership (Premium): $12.99